Bamboo Wooden Coffee Stirrer

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Green Biodegradable Compostable Eco Friendly Disposables wooden coffee Stirrer

Bamboo wooden coffee stirrers sticks tea stirrers

Size: 7 in.

Packing: 1000 pcs per box,

Great for, coffee shops, hotels, office break rooms, and bars, this coffee stirrer / sip straw is ideal for stirring hot beverages 

like lattes, as well as cold drinks like cocktails! They are long enough for any size cup and the 1000 count makes it convenient to keep them on hand 

Our disposable, biodegradable  wooden coffee stirrer is 100% natural and is made of birch wood, There are no coatings, waxes, or chemicals 

of any sort added to our naturally beautiful tableware. Therefore, all of our coffee stirrer are free of toxicants 

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